Writing Prompt: The Newspaper

Many comic books from the cold war era predominately feature radiation.  Hence Peter Parker gets his powers from a radioactive spider and Bruce Banner has his life ruined by gamma rays.  Science Fiction novels of this time, such as Fahrenheit 451,  often show a fear of tyrannical governments.  Both issues were key Cold War fears, and writers used those current issues to drive their creativity.

Your writing prompt for today is simple:  Pick a current issue in the news and try to turn it into a science fiction story.

How would this issue play out in space?  One hundred years from now?  With alien life forms?

Sci-Fi can get us to ask uncomfortable questions about what could be and get us to see issues in a new light.

Can’t think of a current issue?  That’s fine, just use this web page to query The New York Times.  Or turn to your local newspaper for potential writing prompts.  How could that news story have gone down just a little bit differently?

Happy writing!

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