Welcome to Martian.Earth!

This website is currently in development with hopes it will be fully operational by Christmas.  Martian.Earth will be a place to explore all things Science and Speculative Fiction!

If you want to get a sense of what is to come you can see some of our current projects, or check back at this blog for articles on what is new in Science Fiction.

Current Projects:

  • Frankenstein’s Lab – A hyperlinked edition of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein that allows you to search for certain characters or themes, and features some pop-up commentary on the text.
  • Text an Alien – Did you ever want to send a text message to Mars?  Now you can!  C’therax of the Martian Muckraker is available for chatting.  You can ask him about himself, this website or even chat about Sci-Fi.

There are plans to make an interactive story game featuring C’therax soon.  In the meantime, you can also explore MartianMuckraker.com to see some of my creative writing.


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