With surreal images and fun juxtaposition of unusual concepts the Martian Muckraker is a one-of-a-kind RPG.  No prep-time required and simple rules keep the game focused on narrative.

Muckraker RPG 

With experience supporting digital communications and email marketing, I am familiar with the entire Adobe Creative Cloud and want to ensure your next campaign is out of this world.  

Graphic Design

Logo design is the toughest job of a graphic designer. Logos be simple yet distinct, striking yet use a simple color pallette.    

Logo Design

Creativity That Crosses Worlds

Skilled in Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Marketo, Email & Web Development. 

Ready to blast off? Reach out to me at gabriel@martian.earth.



Muckraker RPG

This RPG combines the new and the old - tarot cards are used to tell a game about aliens - who also happen to be in the print newspaper buisness.  No-prep time and with surreal imagry this game will be a favorite in no-time. 


Blast Off!

C'therax and Sp'Rark the Martians Blast off!
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Graphic Design

Here are some samples of advertisements, flyers and other visual communications.  

  • Catholic Ministry
  • Magazine Page 
  • One Page RPGs



Samples of Work in Adobe Illustrator

  • Martian Muckraker Logo 
  • Buisness - Coming soon! 
  • Non-profit Coming Soon! 


More Coming Soon!

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