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Can Speculative Fiction build a better world?

Frankenstein. Star Trek. A Quiet Place. And other classics just now being made....

Here we analyze how science fiction can help pave the way to a better tomorrow. Enjoy our blog Ready for the Stars or speak to C'therax, our Martian representative, to learn more.

Ready for the stars?Text a Martian
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Martian Muckraker

Bi-weekly stories about C'therax, Sp'Rark and their Earthling friend Sarah as they try to defend the Freedom of the press in a hostile galaxy.
Ready For the Stars
Ready for the Stars Blog

Weekly Updates about what is new in Science Fiction, Fantasy and horror. Learn how science fiction can help us reflect on today's challenges

Blast Off!
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Online RPG

Join C'therax, Sp'Rark, Sarah and others from the Martian Muckraker universe in this investigation role playing game

Catch a Killer - Coming Soon
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